Blog policies

Content warnings and summaries
At the beginnings of posts I’m going to put general content warnings (With you. And against you. is a good example of how I intend to do it). If there’s content you need me to warn for that I haven’t included in my lists, please comment on the relevant post or use the contact form here. Since comments on this blog are moderated, it’s easy enough for me to not publish your comment and still get the message, if you request that in the text.

Things I currently warn for include:

  • Casually oppressive language
  • More explicit prejudice
  • Discussion of triggers and being triggered
  • Talking about eating disorders
  • Talking about dysphoria
  • References to self-harm and/or suicide
  • Talking about mental health issues
  • Other things as necessary insofar as I know they’re there

Similarly, if I don’t tag one of these on a post or on something I link to, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Both because I’ve had issues with my writing being unclear enough to lead to misinterpretations in the past and because my posts build on each other, so I’d like people to be able to follow even if they can’t read the entirety of one post, I provide summaries (labeled “tl;dr Summary”) at the end of posts. Insofar as I can avoid it these summaries are free of the things I warned for. Because of how often I explain things by examples, the summaries also serve to emphasize what the general case I’m trying to talk about is.

I don’t hate you
One of the easiest ways for me to write is to locate a position I disagree with and write about why. It’s hard for me to illustrate my thoughts in a vacuum, because they seem self-evident and self-explanatory, so it’s hard to motivate myself to write about them.

I’m also intensely critical by nature. When talking about something I tend to default to assuming my listener will know that if I care enough about it to talk about it, I like it on some level, so what sounds like lukewarm praise is much more significant than it looks. A good example is how I react when asked about the Hunger Games trilogy: “There’s a larger world outside of the protagonist’s head that’s severely underdeveloped and that hampers the story, but they’re eminently readable”.

This means that if I’m taking the time to address a person or a topic I’m expressing negative feelings about, and doing so seriously, I have some degree of investment in believing they could have done better. I intend to explain this further at some point in the future, but that’s the gist.

Comment policy
All comments on this blog are moderated by me personally. Comments with no content that would contribute to a discussion (an example of a non-approved comment: “This is less of an argument against rationalism than it is an argument against you”) don’t get approved. Comments that are toxic don’t get approved. I will not have any missing stairs (cw for discussion of rape and abuse at the link) in a community I’m responsible for. This means no pet rape apologists, for example.

This does not mean I’m interested in stifling dissent. Dissent tells me that I have more work to do–look at the previous entry. However, I want this to be a space that my readers can be comfortable participating in, and that means making sure it’s not dominated by language and ideas that add no content while putting people in danger.

If you wish to talk to me about this policy, there’s a contact form below. I’m considering doing periodic posts of the comments I didn’t approve on their respective posts with explanations why, to illustrate this better.

Referrals and link-backs
You can link back to this blog as much as you want–in fact I encourage it. If you’ve written about or started a discussion thread referencing one of my posts, please comment with a link; I won’t be in a position to read it otherwise, and I’d like to keep updated.

Need to contact me about something else not listed here? Here you go.


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